The biggest fomentors of hatred are Western governments. The question is – Why?

Firstly consider the groups our governments are fomenting hatred against.

The YOUNG – for being unemployed and have been priced out of education.

The ELDERLY for wanting to retire and requiring resources. To increase the job shortage our governments have put the retirement age back. (Not forgetting who is responsible for destroying pensions).

The DISABLED and ILL who are blamed for being disabled and ill and needing resources. Resources they need are being withdrawn. And weirdly, a completely new political innovation, they are being hounded to go back to work, work which isn’t there due to the job shortages our governments have contributed to.

The WORKING CLASS who like the young are being blamed for being unemployed due to the job shortages our governments have contributed to and vilified as racists, an outright lie as the working class is the most racially integrated class of all society, the group who are most inter-married.

The MIDDLE CLASS for having middle class expectations regarding employment, education, housing, and pensions, the things our governments are busily taking away.

So, who do they like? The only sections of society not being vilified are the political class who are instrumental in causing the job shortages and cutting public services, and the wealthy elite. The first are exempt from the punishing cuts (their generous, gold-plated pensions increased and continued to be paid at the same age while everyone elses retirement age was put back). The second are profiting from the changes.

Our governments appear to hate all of us, and are fomenting hatred against all of us on all fronts.


Pogroms always start with orchestrated hate campaigns against those targeted for elimination.

But why?

Remember the Highland Clearances? The land owning ruling elite figured they could make more money out of sheep than people so the people had to go.

I suggest the populations of Western countries are being prepared for removal for the more profitable sheep!


Now the NSA Has Bugged Your Computer! (Probably Your Grandmother’s Tooo)


NSAWere you told that the government had forced the telephone company to install a secret bug in every telephone, a bug that allowed the government to listen to anyone’s calls, where would you expect that? Nazi Germany? Soviet Russia? Communist China? Never America! But it seems that the NSA has somehow installed hidden software in the hard drives of PC’s sold to millions … secret spyware that allows the U.S. Government to eavesdrop on the buyers of those computers. It seems obvious that the Feds have leaned on the computer manufacturers who, now that the word is out, will find some sales difficult. Thanks, Uncle Sam! Who needs jobs at computer makers anyway!

Poor Edward Snowden tried to tell us. He now has to live as a watched Russian for his pains. What it appears to amount to, is that there is no phone in the U.S. and likely the…

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From which class of society do espionage agencies recruit their honey traps?

Periodically the press reveal a scandal that a certain prominent person in society was caught out having high-jinks at a select party filled with unusually available, beautiful and personable, young men and women . Further down in the article we hear that it was a set-up arranged by one of the spooky alphabet agencies.

It is common knowledge that espionage uses honey traps, the pretty euphemism for state employed/conscripted/trapped whores, specially recruited, groomed and trained for the task.

Espionage agencies advertise for recruits on public notice boards, but the people they might want to recruit don’t necessarily put themselves forward. Espionage agencies want honey traps. Most people are not queuing up to become slave prostitutes and ugly people need not apply. Young people, straight out of school, leaving home for the first time , attending university, intelligent, beautiful, attractive personality, seemingly everything going for them – good career, good marriage, are unlikely to want to enter the immoral and sordid career of espionage.

The honey traps espionage use mainly are not, or were not prostitutes. Although once recruited they might be trained by such. Normal people come across as – normal people – (although by the time you are recruited and trained to espionage you are not normal anymore) which blinds their targets whom they are conning, that they are being conned. But s/he was such a nice person!

So where do these unfortunate recruits, with such stirling qualities – youth, beauty, intelligence – come from?

From the higher reaches of society? Hardly. Such people are protected, above exploitation. Besides, they are too high profile, everyone knows who they are.

From the middle classes? Perhaps. Sometimes. Again social position, high profile and a lot of social contacts provide protection. But a honey trap needs to be anonymous and the established middle class rarely provides that. Controllers want to put their people into a situation, carry out a task and remove, completely untraceable.

So the wonderful honey traps have no background.

You are a young working class person, intelligent, beautiful, the world at your feet and anxious to make a good career and marry the right man/woman. You are attending University, the first time you lived away from home and it just so happens you meet the man/woman of your dreams. Everything is falling into place. This is what you expected. You are too young and inexperienced of the real world to know that perfect partners are hard to find and many good, beautiful, intelligent people of much higher class than you go through life without finding one.

You say you wouldn’t join – but the honey trap recruiting you has been trained in all the mind-control and mind-bending techniques of abusive and controlling partners. You have been studied and great care has been taken to provide you with your perfect partner. You will be in love, and there is nothing more vulnerable than a young person in love for the first time.

But say you are very intelligent and strong-minded, and when you work out what the situation is you decide you will outface the blackmail, the public disclosure of your love-making which you thought was private – you have a family, don’t you? Brothers or sisters? Mum and Dad? You wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to them, would you?

Mis-information, dis-information, no information, mis-leading, mis-teaching

So this is what our governments are doing!

Leading to obvious questions such as, what is the nature of people who do the above, honest people or criminals?

What is their objective? Clearly it is not telling us the truth about what they are doing, so what is it they are hiding? We should enquire. After all, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

The methods, surround-sound distortion of facts, reality – what does that remind you of? Soviet Russia? Korea? Cults? Con-artists? Madmen? Hitler?

And, what about their control freakery combined with their lax attitude towards terrorists – such as stopping watching them (apparently, so they say) just months before they carry out an attack – yet they seek total surveillance on all citizens and attempt to micro-manage our lives.

Something tells me we are not being told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help them God.

Something tells me that people who habitually lie, misrepresent and suppress and distort the evidence are not people we should be following nor giving our support to.

The responsibility ultimately lies with each and every one of us. They have no power without our support. Hitler couldn’t have screwed the world on his own – every follower played a part.

There are no leaders without followers.

“If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re all criminals. This is the creepy, calculating yet diabolical genius of the American police state: the very technology we hailed as revolutionary and liberating has become our prison, jailer, probation officer, Big Brother and Father Knows Best all rolled into one.”

Random Candidate

“Today, there’s little room for indiscretions, imperfections, or acts of independence—especially not when the government can listen in on your phone calls, monitor your driving habits, track your movements, scrutinize your purchases and peer through the walls of your home. That’s because technology—specifically the technology employed by the government against the American citizenry—has upped the stakes dramatically so that there’s little we do that is not known by the government.”

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US lawmakers don’t abide by laws they pass: Ron Paul

Random Candidate

“Those of us who warned that such new powers granted to the state would be used against us someday were criticized as alarmist and worse. The violations happened just as we warned, but when political leaders discovered the breach of our civil liberties they did nothing about it.”


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