Now the NSA Has Bugged Your Computer! (Probably Your Grandmother’s Tooo)


NSAWere you told that the government had forced the telephone company to install a secret bug in every telephone, a bug that allowed the government to listen to anyone’s calls, where would you expect that? Nazi Germany? Soviet Russia? Communist China? Never America! But it seems that the NSA has somehow installed hidden software in the hard drives of PC’s sold to millions … secret spyware that allows the U.S. Government to eavesdrop on the buyers of those computers. It seems obvious that the Feds have leaned on the computer manufacturers who, now that the word is out, will find some sales difficult. Thanks, Uncle Sam! Who needs jobs at computer makers anyway!

Poor Edward Snowden tried to tell us. He now has to live as a watched Russian for his pains. What it appears to amount to, is that there is no phone in the U.S. and likely the…

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