From which class of society do espionage agencies recruit their honey traps?

Periodically the press reveal a scandal that a certain prominent person in society was caught out having high-jinks at a select party filled with unusually available, beautiful and personable, young men and women . Further down in the article we hear that it was a set-up arranged by one of the spooky alphabet agencies.

It is common knowledge that espionage uses honey traps, the pretty euphemism for state employed/conscripted/trapped whores, specially recruited, groomed and trained for the task.

Espionage agencies advertise for recruits on public notice boards, but the people they might want to recruit don’t necessarily put themselves forward. Espionage agencies want honey traps. Most people are not queuing up to become slave prostitutes and ugly people need not apply. Young people, straight out of school, leaving home for the first time , attending university, intelligent, beautiful, attractive personality, seemingly everything going for them – good career, good marriage, are unlikely to want to enter the immoral and sordid career of espionage.

The honey traps espionage use mainly are not, or were not prostitutes. Although once recruited they might be trained by such. Normal people come across as – normal people – (although by the time you are recruited and trained to espionage you are not normal anymore) which blinds their targets whom they are conning, that they are being conned. But s/he was such a nice person!

So where do these unfortunate recruits, with such stirling qualities – youth, beauty, intelligence – come from?

From the higher reaches of society? Hardly. Such people are protected, above exploitation. Besides, they are too high profile, everyone knows who they are.

From the middle classes? Perhaps. Sometimes. Again social position, high profile and a lot of social contacts provide protection. But a honey trap needs to be anonymous and the established middle class rarely provides that. Controllers want to put their people into a situation, carry out a task and remove, completely untraceable.

So the wonderful honey traps have no background.

You are a young working class person, intelligent, beautiful, the world at your feet and anxious to make a good career and marry the right man/woman. You are attending University, the first time you lived away from home and it just so happens you meet the man/woman of your dreams. Everything is falling into place. This is what you expected. You are too young and inexperienced of the real world to know that perfect partners are hard to find and many good, beautiful, intelligent people of much higher class than you go through life without finding one.

You say you wouldn’t join – but the honey trap recruiting you has been trained in all the mind-control and mind-bending techniques of abusive and controlling partners. You have been studied and great care has been taken to provide you with your perfect partner. You will be in love, and there is nothing more vulnerable than a young person in love for the first time.

But say you are very intelligent and strong-minded, and when you work out what the situation is you decide you will outface the blackmail, the public disclosure of your love-making which you thought was private – you have a family, don’t you? Brothers or sisters? Mum and Dad? You wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to them, would you?