How to ignore the wishes of 60 million plus people

By the 1980s the birth rate in the UK had fallen to just below replacement (average family less than 2 children). In other words our high population had stabilised. Social conditions were reasonable. Affordable, decent accommodation was still short supply, but there has never been a time in Britain when that was not the case. GP’s, hospitals,schools, public transport were tolerable. There was room for improvement. Rents, rates and utilities were affordable. Work was available if you wanted it. It was far from perfect, but people were managing and hoping things would get better.

Thirty years on how have those hopes been realised? Our population has increased by at least 2 million without any increase in housing, schools, hospitals, medical services, transport, or any part of the social infrastructure. The birth rate is above replacement. The most acute shortages are felt in housing and jobs. The cost of living has shot up and continues to shoot up while wages are frozen, falling and people are being displaced from full time jobs into part-time.

Employers and landlords have never had it so good.

There is little sign that there ever will be an improvement for ordinary working people.

But still, there is always the Welfare safety net. Strangely, our government who are solely responsible for the changes that have been brought about in this country for the last thirty years are dismantling Welfare, trying to force people on unemployment benefits into jobs that aren’t there. Refusing to accept that genuinely ill and dying people are ill and trying to force them into work too – when there isn’t work available even for the able bodied. Withdrawing medical services and support while the need has never been greater.

What is going on?

Cost of living is high, wages are low, taxes are high, and services are rubbish.

Isn’t it time we got our house in order? We all pay an arm and a leg in taxes. Where is our money going? Why isn’t it going to pay for the services – Welfare, medical and infrastructure, that we all need?

It is time for a national audit starting with accommodation. How much available accommodation at rents people on ordinary incomes can afford is there in the country. That should give an indication of what our population should be. 

Secondly, where are our taxes going and why is the bulk of them not being used to provide for services and infrastructure. We need ring-fencing to ensure that taxes primarily go to these essential purposes before anything.

We also need a new definition of wasting tax-payers money. Who benefited from the millennium dome? Or other hare brained schemes our politicians are always dreaming up. No-one is ever held accountable for wasting our taxes.

But most of all we need our ruling class to get their finger out and address the problem of shortage of work paying a living wage. Stop scapegoating the unemployed and do something about providing real jobs. We have heard endless drivel how unlimited immigration is good for the economy and the boundless wealth which will result in making everyone better off. Well, it hasn’t. It has made the wealthy wealthier, in higher rents and lower wages, but everyone else is worse off. The policies which our governments have imposed from the 1980s on have not made this country a better place to live in. Their policies have failed. 

We are all paying far too much in taxes. What do we get for it? This country needs jobs – real jobs – accommodation and no further cuts in medical services or welfare. 

We need politicians who are competent at governing this country in the best interests of the people.