The biggest fomentors of hatred are Western governments. The question is – Why?

Firstly consider the groups our governments are fomenting hatred against.

The YOUNG – for being unemployed and have been priced out of education.

The ELDERLY for wanting to retire and requiring resources. To increase the job shortage our governments have put the retirement age back. (Not forgetting who is responsible for destroying pensions).

The DISABLED and ILL who are blamed for being disabled and ill and needing resources. Resources they need are being withdrawn. And weirdly, a completely new political innovation, they are being hounded to go back to work, work which isn’t there due to the job shortages our governments have contributed to.

The WORKING CLASS who like the young are being blamed for being unemployed due to the job shortages our governments have contributed to and vilified as racists, an outright lie as the working class is the most racially integrated class of all society, the group who are most inter-married.

The MIDDLE CLASS for having middle class expectations regarding employment, education, housing, and pensions, the things our governments are busily taking away.

So, who do they like? The only sections of society not being vilified are the political class who are instrumental in causing the job shortages and cutting public services, and the wealthy elite. The first are exempt from the punishing cuts (their generous, gold-plated pensions increased and continued to be paid at the same age while everyone elses retirement age was put back). The second are profiting from the changes.

Our governments appear to hate all of us, and are fomenting hatred against all of us on all fronts.


Pogroms always start with orchestrated hate campaigns against those targeted for elimination.

But why?

Remember the Highland Clearances? The land owning ruling elite figured they could make more money out of sheep than people so the people had to go.

I suggest the populations of Western countries are being prepared for removal for the more profitable sheep!