Mis-information, dis-information, no information, mis-leading, mis-teaching

So this is what our governments are doing!

Leading to obvious questions such as, what is the nature of people who do the above, honest people or criminals?

What is their objective? Clearly it is not telling us the truth about what they are doing, so what is it they are hiding? We should enquire. After all, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

The methods, surround-sound distortion of facts, reality – what does that remind you of? Soviet Russia? Korea? Cults? Con-artists? Madmen? Hitler?

And, what about their control freakery combined with their lax attitude towards terrorists – such as stopping watching them (apparently, so they say) just months before they carry out an attack – yet they seek total surveillance on all citizens and attempt to micro-manage our lives.

Something tells me we are not being told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help them God.

Something tells me that people who habitually lie, misrepresent and suppress and distort the evidence are not people we should be following nor giving our support to.

The responsibility ultimately lies with each and every one of us. They have no power without our support. Hitler couldn’t have screwed the world on his own – every follower played a part.

There are no leaders without followers.