The cult-like child rearing methods of the British ruling class (now available to ruling class children everywhere)

In the sixties an interesting film was made called”If”. At a time when the humbler social classes were showing the astounding success of grammar school and single-sex secondary modern schools for girls, by accessing the top Universities in equal numbers to the elite children from public schools, where just two decades earlier most of these children only received primary education, “If” considered what might happen if ordinary children attended the elite public schools and learnt how the upper classes obtained and retained political and social dominance.

Alongside this there is also William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” which suggested the end result of children being left to their own devices without adult supervision and control, a model for feral children.

It has often been noted that society’s feral children come mainly from two social groups. Moral degenerates at the bottom of society, not to be confused with the working class although every opportunity is taken to do so, and many children of the wealthy upper classes. The common cause is parental neglect by policy. The degenerates can’t be bothered to look after their children and neither can the upper classes, unloading the chore onto servants who are not allowed to discipline. The gutter class dump their children onto the street, and the upper class dump theirs into boarding schools.

There is considerable historical literature about the peculiar, in every sense of the word, system of British upper class boarding school education. Children of a very young age, Spartan-style, separated from their mother’s or whoever was caring for them and coralled with other children in an institution which supposedly in loco parentis, carried on the parental neglect, turning a blind-eye to life threatening bullying from other children and ignoring teachers who doled out violent punishments or were pederasts.

Weird! What was going on? The wealthy upper classes are insufferably precious. Why should they opt for such a cruel child-raising regime for their pampered kids?

One answer is the system worked. The children at these insititutions knew they were privileged. That awareness of privilege was reinforced at every turn. Bullying served to reinforce the social class dominance. Children not part of the elite discovered at their cost and it was practice for the elite in defining exclusive and inclusive boundaries of who was “one of them” and who wasn’t. If you had power, you could bully. The abused learn to abuse. Being subject to violence in childhood teaches you how to carry out violence – as a norm of human behaviour – in adulthood. Bullying and the brutality of the teachers were valuable lessons in torture, psychological domination and manipulation and the knowledge that depending on “who” you were you could get away with it. Laws were something that were applied to “inferiors” not to you.

These methods of physical isolation, not being free to leave, being subjected to arbitrary deprivation, insult, humiliation, sexual assault and violence are all methods cults have used to brainwash and control their recruits. Along with the constant refrain “you are special. You are superior. The outsiders are evil, not entitled to any respect and you are free to abuse and exploit them as you wish”. These methods are particularly powerful when practiced on children, when the brain is malleable and in the process of being hard-wired for adult life.

These circumstances bring about another unusual effect. Under normal conditions children are totally selfish and do not form strong peer bonds with other children. However, in circumstances of collective adversity this breaks down and children sometimes do form incredibly strong peer bonds which can last a lifetime. What better way to enforce upper class exclusivity?

In the sixties the children from these elite public schools were entering the elite Universities and for the first time in history about half the other young people there were not from their privileged caste but from all classes of society. The children of the elite could no longer take their privileges for granted. They were being competed with on the basis of merit, and often out-performed by “inferiors”. Inferiors whom they had been taught how (albeit informally) to keep “in their place” with destructive manipulative psychological techniques, rape and torture. All under the wraps, covertly, of course.

In short order grammar schools were abolished along with single sex secondary modern schools for girls, and the status quo has been restored. Most politicians and high ranking members of the judiciary and intelligence agencies are the product of elite private schooling.




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