Corruption – treating every institution in society as your personal money box

The objective is to channel public/ private wealth into your pocket, by diverting financial resources away from their intended purpose or with legal/ criminal skulduggery wresting control of financial resources from their rightful owners.

1.    Choose your target, such as a business.

2.     Either infiltrate the target with your own puppet or corrupt someone in situ.

3.      Fatten the goose. Maximise the financial take from the business. 

4.      Take over using a combination of criminal and legal methods. For example, if you have infiltrated a landlord, make sure he houses criminal tenants. Now the threat of asset forfeiture hangs over him.

With all your stolen money you can afford the best lawyers So it is a non-starter for anyone to try to protect themselves from your actions by legal means.  Ordinary people are not in a position to protect themselves from combined  criminal/legal attacks.

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