30 Crimes that Gang Stalkers Commit

Citizens, not serfs




1.     Slander ( as in criminal defamation, saying a woman is a prostitute when she isn’t, or a man is a pedophile when he isn’t. Or spreading the story that someone has a criminal record when they don’t – obviously making people unwilling to employ/house the people lied about, and making them the focus of community hatred).

2.       Theft and vandalism of the Target’s/Target’s landlord’s/Target’s employer’s property.

3.        Anti-social behaviour, in particular NOISE, against the terms of rental agreements, particularly overnight.

4         Medical malpractice – failure to give correct diagnosis in order to implement incorrect medical  treatment, in order to cause harm to the patient .

5.         Arson.

6.         Burglary.

7.         Deliberately causing road accidents.

8.      …

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