Gang stalkers – the foot soldiers of Pathocracy?


Citizens, not serfs

What gang stalkers are required to do.

Retail – give bad service, serve defective product, over charge, increase prices and minimise product

Landlords – permit access to resident’s accommodation, ignore complaints of noise/ anti-social behaviour, increase utility costs and rents, house anti-social/criminal tenants

Bureaucracies/banks – allow access to confidential records

Solicitors – withhold correct advice, give wrong advice, over charge

Postal services – interfering with the mail, preventing or delaying delivery

Medical – withold correct diagnosis, delay treatment, collude with false allegations of carer abuse, allow access to confidential records

Gang stalking is used to infiltrate every institution in our society and corrupt it, so that only those the gang stalker controllers wish can access any normal service in society. It is political grass-roots corruption.

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