Those who Judge and those who are Judged

Growing up working class rural you grow up in a crime free environment. People attach little or no importance to appearances, acts are what counts. You grow up independent, self-sufficient and resistant to others opinions – because of the absence of people to have opinions – and words are only air. They don’t get the job done or the problem sorted.

The industrial revolution freed the urban working class into factories – they escaped from being servants, often treated no better than slaves and having every minute of their time supervised by their master – to being workers. Employees who could choose their work and who they worked for and outside working hours their time and their lives were their own. 

The masters had a distinguishing mentality. The conviction of their own superiority, their birthright to totally exploit others for their own interests, to completely own another persons life. They practised total self-indulgence to themselves while enforcing total unending criticism against their “inferiors”. The social inferiors were to be constantly judged. The social “superiors” were never to be judged.

The pattern was duplicated in male-female relationships. 

The masters employed a range of tactics to maintain their own privilege and social ascendancy. A man’s reputation virtually had no impact on his social status. But a woman’s reputation could be used to totally strip her of what little status she had. A woman needed a good reputation to make a good marriage and to access a good job. All a man had to do to get rid of female competition was to wreck her reputation. The woman’s own behaviour could be trumped by a man’s lies.

Higher social class could use the same tactic against any working class person who looked as if they might become competition. If they had any asset worth taking – like a good idea or an invention  – it would be stolen or hi-jacked through some clever legal manoeuvre.  Any lie told by a social “superior” delivered with assurance and conviction would be believed against any truth told by an ordinary person.

The “superiors” had at their disposal a wide array of dirty tricks for keeping their subordinates “in their place”. And they continue. Any lie told about a working class woman will be believed by everyone of higher social status. Seventy percent of gang stalking targets are women. Men have always speculated about the sexual/moral status of any woman they know about and any woman with a tarnished reputation becomes fair game. 

What at is guaranteed to cause wholesale revulsion against any person is the accusation of paedophilia. 

The masters are playing their favourite divide and rule game. One set of lies to one set of people, a second set of lies to a second set of people and a third set of lies to a third set of people – and keeping the sets separate so they cannot compare notes.  The vilified targets – who is going to talk or listen to them? The smug gang stalking vigilante recruits released on a moral crusade to save society. (Well, we always knew “people like them” were up to no good). And the masters using the alternating techniques of law or crime according to the circumstances pocket the proceeds of everyone’s life’s work, while micro-managing their slaves lives. Status quo restored.

Working Class Hero, John Lennon
Mr Blue, Tom Paxton


Gang stalking recruits are brainwashed?

Take a look at Coercive Persuasion and Mind Control Tactics – Margaret Thaler Singer, PhD

Gang stalking recruits are trapped by lies from their Recruiters, standard cult practice. The absurd things they are required to believe alongwith the absurd activities they are required to carry out suggest mind control tactics are being used against them.

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Gangstalking and Mind Control, A K Forwood

Counter measure against vigilante stalking

The following counter measure appears to be effective.

The gang stalking recruits have been sicced onto you. They know who you are but not what you are as they have been told lies. But they have also been lied to concerning their role – that they have been entrapped into a cult, by the standard methods that cults use of being lied to in an emotionally enhancing situation and deluded about the nature of the group that they now belong to. That they will be enslaved, corrupted and robbed of all they possess, and induced to recruit (betray) those closest to them.

So there are key concepts that the gang stalker recruiters wish to keep from their freshly duped recruits. Concepts such as cults and vigilantism and con artists.

If I sat down in a cafe it would immediately fill with the people nearest to me talking standard gang stalking gibberish about my private life. As due to the Recruiter, I now had their undivided attention, I decided to supply some feedback that the Recruiter would NOT want his recruits to have. I took to wearing t-shirts with words on them that the Recruiters would not wish to read. The following is my selection but you may have other ideas. Cults, con artists, vigilantes, targets are bait, bait, targeted-individuals, gang stalking, self funded operations, etc. Some of these slogans had the national flag as background.

Now I have the restaurant to myself.

This morning I was in the Post Office and the clerk followed the standard gang stalking practice of intentionally not serving me although I was next in line. I was wearing my cult t-shirt with the words -cult –  lies – secret – isolate –  busy – fear – reward – crime – kill – money on it so I took to wandering around the shop making sure as many people as possible saw it. When he saw what I was doing he decided to serve me.

So this is a tactic that might work. They do now want attention drawn to what they are doing.


Gang Stalking and Mind Control, A K Forwood
Organised Gang Stalking, Bonnie Lee Calcagno (iBooks)