Targeted individuals are BAIT

Targeted individuals ask – why me? They are not criminals, nor are they important people. I have a suggestion. Perhaps the targeted individuals are not the primary target – they are bait for people more valuable. Consider. All of us at some point have to interface with institutions in society – banks, estate agents, medical services, bureaucracies. All these people have great power and influence over the hundreds of peoples lives, whose records they have access to – records that can get lost or altered, with devastating effect. So how do you get these honest professionals under your thumb? Enter the targeted individual. A poor/working class person, about whom any lies will be believed. Wherever that target interfaces with an institution, the liars move in and slander the target – saying that that person is a criminal and asking for cooperation in dealing with them. Most honest law-abiding, unsuspecting people will be happy to cooperate for the public good. But they are being duped. THEY are the target, not the vilified victim. Once they start cooperating, with the best intentions, they will soon find they are enveigled into criminal acts and the threat of prison is now held over them. In this way an unimportant lower class person can be used to recruit people who have valuable access to confidential records – which the puppet masters can now manipulate as they wish.

Some Targeted Individuals are BAIT.